Slam Dunk Festival 2010 – Part 2

So after finally escaping the mess, we managed to get over to the Jagermeister Stage to see Against Me! They are definitely one of my new favourite bands – I know that there’s been the inevitable criticism in releasing an album that has catchy songs on it – but I still believe that their songs have a strong meaning, and they are far from selling out.

The set consisted of a lot of new tracks, including White Crosses and I Was A Teenage Anarchist, all performed with heaps of energy. What I love about Against Me! is the fact that they always look so happy to be playing. Tom Gabel spent the entire set smiling from ear to ear, and it just adds to the experience.

They also played some older tracks, including New Wave, Thrash Unreal and Up The Cuts – some of my favourites!! I don’t really have anything bad to say about them to be honest!

Finally, we saw Alkaline Trio. I hadn’t heard that much of their music beforehand, but it was the only choice we had, as the indoor stages were still locked, 2 hours later! As it turns out, they were great. They played through a series of newer hits, such as Dine, Dine, My Darling, This Addiction and Stupid Kid  aswell as some older tracks including ’97.’

Overall, I guess I can say that this was a great introduction to festivals.  Being my first, it was nice to get a taster of just what it is that lures thousands to festivals every summer. Apart from the obvious crowd control issues, I’d say that it was great value for money, with tickets only around £25 pp.

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