The King Blues – Colchester Arts Centre – May 2010

Sorry again for these posts being out of  time order, but I just feel that this was such a great show, I just had to write a review!

The Colchester Arts Centre is a great little venue. It’s an old church, which, in my opinion has been put to much better use! They hold comedy shows, jazz, folk and rock gigs, at pretty reasonable prices.

The King Blues were supported by two great acts – The Dirty Revolution and Mouthwash. The Dirty Revolution are a Welsh Ska-Punk band, who played a pretty good selection of songs, including ‘I love Reggae,’ ‘Sometimes You’re Too Rude’ and another called ‘My Bum..’ No prizes for guessing what that song was about!

Mouthwash were on next, and these guys were another new discovery for me. I love their mix of punk, hardcore and ska. Since the gig, I’ve really started listening to them a lot. They ripped through tracks including ‘Fools Gold’, ‘Drop the Bomb’ and ‘Live Like Kings’, aswell as ‘That Girl’ from their new album, which is ridiculously catchy!

Whilst we were waiting for The King Blues to take to the stage, I found about a charity on the merch stalls. S.O.P.H.I.E is a charity set up in memory of Sophie Lancaster, a young teenager who was beaten to death after trying to protect her boyfriend from a violent gang, who attacked them simply because of the gothic lifestyle they chose to follow. The charity aims to raise awareness of prejudice amongst subcultures, and create a lasting legacy for Sophie. (Visit for more details on the charity, or information about donations)

A short time later, a guest speaker came to the stage, to give us a rousing anti-BNP speech! It’s great to see such a young band being so socially and politically conscious. It gives me hope that there is still some meaning left in today’s music!

The King Blues came to the stage, starting their set with a climactic buildup into ‘Blood on My Hands’, featuring some crazy ukelele strumming from Itch! They began with some new tracks, including the single, ‘Headbutt,’ and ‘Holiday.’ I’d recommend you watch the video for  Headbutt. Both of these new songs look destined for plenty of radio play, but I have no fear that the King Blues have ‘sold out,’ or even lost any of their morals. The set continued with plenty of crowd pleasers, including ‘Mr Music Man’ from debut album Under the Fog, I Got Love, The Streets Are Ours and My Boulder. The show finished with one of Itch’s poems ‘Five Bottles Of Shampoo,’ about the attitudes of many of today’s men towards women. Itch comes across as the perfect punk – he writes awesome, original music, with fantastic lyrics and campaigns against everything that he believes is wrong with today’s society.

Highlights included meeting Itch, and his dog, Meatball after the show, watching Itch climb up on top of the bar and scream his lungs out, and the cover of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers,’ which, in my opinion was much better than the original!

I would really recommend that you get to see the King Blues as soon as possible. They are a great live act, and I’m sure that with their increasing popularity, it will soon be much more difficult to get to see them in such small venues.

Here’s a video of the start of the show – The song is Blood On My Hands

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