Artist Of The Week – Rancid

Well, seeing as I’m not going to be at any more gigs until Muse in September, I thought I may as well add a new feature. So every week, I’ll put up an artist that I think is worth listening to. There’ll be plenty of variety, so let me know what you think!

So, this week – Rancid. This ska-punk band from The East Bay Area in California are still going strong, after the release of ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’ last year.

Rancid was founded by two ex-members of the short lived, yet legendary Operation Ivy – Tim Armstrong, who is on lead vocals and guitar, and Matt Freeman on bass. (In my opinion, Rancid have some of the best bass in punk – Check out the amazing bass solo in the last 30 seconds of Maxwell Murder, on ‘…And Out Come the Wolves’

On drums, Tim and Matt chose Brett Reed, however he left in 2006, to be replaced by ex member of The Used – Branden Steineckert.

The band then searched for a second guitarist – their first choice was Billie Joe Armstrong, a good friend of Tim Armstrong – however he turned down the offer. This proved to be a good decision, as Billie now fronts one of the worlds biggest rock acts – Green Day, of course! Instead, Lars Frederiksen was chosen in 1993 – who also fronts his own solo band- Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards.

Rancid have had seven studio albums out since their formation in 1991 – Their most successful being ‘And Out Come the Wolves.’ This album has since gone platinum. Other successful albums included ‘Life Won’t Wait’, and ‘Let’s Go.’

I recommend Rancid due to the fact that they are just an amazing punk band. They produce a great mix of upbeat ska-punk tunes that will leave you feeling much better than you did before you began listening. They also have a knack of producing songs that stick in your head for weeks on end!

I’ve also heard that they are fantastic live, so if they are playing near you, don’t waste the opportunity – get saving for those tickets!

I would recommend listening to: Radio, Roots Radical, Black Lung, Disconnected, Last One To Die, Life Won’t Wait and Time Bomb.

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