Artist of the Week – Perkie

This week, I want to shed some light on a hidden talent, who really needs to be discovered by a lot more people!
Perkie was once a member of the King Blues – in fact, she played keyboard for them when I saw them last year. However, she branched off to work on her solo album, and thank God she did! It amazes me every time I listen, to see the little ‘unsigned’ title on her myspace page. Her haunting voice, which is ever-so-slightly reminiscent of Adele. Her voice is one of the best I’ve heard in a while, and her quirky and original lyrics and sense of style make her really stand out from the crowd!
Whether she’s drawing a smile talking about her piercings or drawing a tear on ‘While I’m Here,’ Perkie shows a great talent which deserves a lot more attention. Whilst she doesn’t use her Myspace for messages any more, all of the tracks from her debut E.P are up on her site at: or you can check out her Facebook page under Perkie!
She played at Rebellion festival last year, and has a whole host of little shows coming up this summer, so if you like what you hear, (which I’m sure you will) go and check her out!

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