Spotify Update

Now I’m sure all of you who have discovered the delights of Spotify have all been extremely impressed with the extensive service they offer(minus the occasional excessively repetitive advert), however I can guarantee that a few of you who don’t know already might be a bit miffed with their latest announcement:

As of May 1st, for all Spotify Free and Open users, you will only be able to listen to a track up to five times. Yes. FIVE TIMES – EVER. So if you have a favourite album that you don’t want to buy, but are quite happy to listen to over and over again, you had better start saving my friend! Obviously this will hit the heavy Spotify users the hardest, which is probably their main intention – to get more Free and Open users to sign up to their Premium and Unlimited services. These options will remain unaffected by the changes, and remember that they are both advert free, as well as having many other benefits!

Also, new Spotify users will not have these new changes implemented until six months after their joining date. Personally, I can see a lot of scams occurring, with people making themselves a new account every six months or so!

So whilst many of you may be sitting in your armchairs ranting and swearing about Spotify, and how this is the end of your legally free listening experience FOR EVER, you have to remember that they do offer an incredible service, and when thinking about it, it’s a miracle that something like this hasn’t happened already. Updating to either Unlimited (£4.99 a month) or Premium (£9.99 a month) brings huge benefits when you consider what the costs can get you. Premium, which gets you the whole shabang, is the equivalent of buying just one album a month, except you get millions of track at your fingertips instead – not quite as bad as it first sounded is it?! Visit for more information.

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