Artist of the Week – Beardyman!

If you have read any of the other posts on this blog, you will tend to see that my musical tastes largely lie in rock, ska and punk, but now and again, somebody catches my eye. And nobody has done this recently more so than Beardyman – the one man beatbox jukebox who never ceases to entertain me!
UK Beatbox Champion of 2006 and 2007 makes Beardyman the first beatboxer in UK history to win 2 championships in a row. And what a talent he has! His live shows are a totally unique blend of comedy, beatboxing and looping, making it a gig like you’ve never seen before!
The general theme of his shows consists of taking song or genre requests and making something fantastic up on the spot, using only his voice, a keyboard and between 3 and 5 Korg Kaoss pads. These pads are what make Beardyman even more unique – he expertly uses looping technology to build up numerous layers that eventually result in an entire song.

Whilst you may think that surely an entire show of this might get a bit repetitive, Beardyman’s good sense of humour and crowd participation make for a show that will leave you smiling throughout.

Beardyman also released an album this year, titled ‘I Done A Album,’ which is great, with some fun tracks like ‘Vampire Skank,’ which is a cross between Gogol Bordello and dubstep! but it’s no match for his live performances judging by what I have seen online. It seems to me that part of his appeal is the mix of comedy and music, which is obviously hard to get across with an album.
So, enough of me, I’ll let you watch for yourself. Below is his entire show: ‘Unshaved – Live at the Udderbelly.’
It’s a whopping 48 minutes long, but it’s well worth watching – I watched the entire show without a minute of boredom!

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