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My Chemical Romance – Live At Wembley Arena 12 February

With the release of Danger Days last November resulting in a yet another wave of MCR hysteria across the globe, there were bound to be some shows in the band’s ‘favourite place in the world!’ After rave reviews of their first show after the release of the new album at the Hammersmith Apollo, and being a huge fan for a long time, it was a show that I had to get to!
A few weeks before, the support acts had been announced as Lost Alone and The Blackout. Lost Alone I had never heard of before, but they did their best to get the crowd warmed up. They definitely had plenty of energy, and there were some decent solos dotted around, but they didn’t seem to have a defined style, switching between pop-punk, rock and metal. Personally, I don’t think the lead vocalist, Steven Battelle’s voice suited metal particularly, but credit to the band for the energy they injected into the tricky job of first support act a such a big gig.
The Blackout were up next – a band I’ve liked for a long time, but have never really got into properly. These welsh boys are much more established amongst the fans, and this was clear straight away. Lead singer/screamer, Sean Smith did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up. Their mix of screamo, punk and metal sounded great live, and the show was packed with energy. Highlights for me included Save Our Selves, new single Higher and Higher, I Don’t Care and Children of the Night, as well as an interesting cover of Willow Smith’s dreadful song ‘I Whip My Hair!’
Next up, the band we’d all been waiting for. I’ve got to say, My Chemical Romance fans are amongst the most devoted I have ever seen. Legions of fans showed up in the distinctive masks and scarves that are a trademark of the new album, some even with their own ray guns!
The screams of teenage girls as the band took to the stage were probably louder than the band themselves, as they launched into the hit single from Danger Days, ‘Na Na Na.’
Next up was an older one, Give ‘Em Hell, Kid, from Three Cheers. Again, this frantic song was packed with energy. One thing I wasn’t sure about was what had happened to Gerard’s voice. When he started talking, it was as if he’d been replaced by Michael Jackson. Maybe he had a cold, but his nasally voice sounded pretty odd!
The songs throughout the night were all packed with power, and there was a good mix from all of their albums:

Songs like Vampire Money and Party Poison were great for getting the crowd going, whilst Cancer, The Ghost of You and The Kids From Yesterday had hands swaying all round!
Over all, it was a great night, and MCR are living up to their reputation of being one of the liveliest, most interactive live bands around. Highlights for me included Mama, Hang ‘Em High, SING and Teenagers, with the only song that fell behind being Destroya, but then again, I don’t like the original of that song anyway, so it’s no surprise!

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Bullet For My Valentine – Live At Wembley Arena – December 12th

Welsh wonders Bullet For My Valentine, as you should know, are one of Britain’s leading metal bands, if not one of the best live bands out there, so when they came to Wembley at the end of their European tour, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

We turned up a bit late, so unfortunately missed half of Atreyu’s set – they’ve been one of my favourite bands for a long time now. We still managed to hear The Crimson and Lip Gloss and Black which were both great, but it sounded as if we missed a lot of their big hits, such as Right Side Of The Bed, which was a shame.

Next up was Bring Me The Horizon. Now I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me here, or if you think I sound like an old fogey, but I really can’t see the appeal of these guys from Sheffield. I had a listen beforehand and it sounded pretty horrific, and the guys I was with aren’t keen on them either, so after a few songs we decided that they weren’t for us and made our escape into the foyer. And I’m glad we did – the racket we heard whilst in the foyer would have made my ears bleed for sure.
Anyway, after BMTH were safely off the stage, we decided to get back to our seats for the band of the night.
The night for me began as the giant Union Jack dropped to the floor, and the band launched into Your Betrayal, one my favourites from their latest album, Fever.

BFMV continued to blast out the hits throughout the night, with riff after riff, and solo after solo. Padge’s solo midway through the set proved to me just how talented these guys are – here’s a band that certainly deserves the great reputation that they’ve gained over the last few years.

Highlights included Your Betrayal, Pleasure and Pain, Hand of Blood and of course Tears Don’t Fall, which had the entire arena screaming back the rousing chorus. Despite being a fairly short set, the band made up for it with all the energy they put into the show, as well as the the technicality of all of their songs, which must be a killer to play night after night!
It was a night to remember, for not only me, but probably the band as well, as they seemed so grateful to all the fans on the night, and it must have been great to end the tour at such a famous and prestigious venue.

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