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Stash – Slash Tribute Band – Rhodes Arts Centre

The second tribute band I have been to see at the Rhodes Arts Centre in Bishop’s Stortford was Stash – A tribute to Slash, and the numerous groups he has been in over the years – Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit.

I went with a friend, also the fellow guitarist in my band, hoping to have a look at some decent guitar playing, however we arrived to find the Centre pratically empty. There were probably 50 people there, at the most, so we had limited expectations for the evening.

The band began as Guns N’ Roses, the idea being that Stash was the central figure, whilst the other band members morphed into the members of the different bands. They rolled through their greatest hits, songs such as November Rain, You Could Be Mine, Knockin on Heaven’s Door and Sweet Child O’ Mine – and they were fantastic! ¬†Stash’s guitar playing was note perfect, and the singer, who interestingly renamed himself Xl Hose was great aswell. He sounded just like Axl, and he even came complete with pants, bandanna and kilt! The rest of the band were pretty impressive aswell. About half way through the set, there was a duelling session between the rhythm guitarist and Stash, showing that rhythm guitarists often have a lot more skill and talent than they are shown to possess.

Next the band switched to Slash’s Snakepit – I had never really listened to them before, but to me, it sounded very similar to Guns N’ Roses.

Finally, the band morphed into Velvet Revolver, playing a selection of hits from Contraband, including Slither, which was great!

It was a great show, and I felt sorry for the band at the end of the night – they deserve a much bigger turnout than what they were receiving. It just went to support my theory that tribute bands are a great alternative to the real thing. If you live in the Bishop’s Stortford area, and you see that Stash is performing, be sure to check him out, it ¬†will be money well spent!

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