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Ben Howard. We all know just how much of a good thing he is. He has it all. The style, the passion, the voice, the looks. He’s just fantastic. And after seeing him at the end of last year, he blew me away with his incredible talent, which transferred perfectly from the record onto the stage. This is why, on discovery of a pre-sale for a tour this November, I just HAD to buy myself a pair of tickets. It’s a long way, but boy am I glad that I know I’m going already! So, I thought I’d share it with everybody else, now I know for sure that my own tickets are booked! Visit www.benhowardmusic.co.uk for early access to Ben’s November tour in the UK, Ireland and the parts of Germany that haven’t sold out already! GO!

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Artist Of The Week – Chewing On Tinfoil

Now for something completely different! Yet another discovery from Mike Davies’ Radio 1 Show, Chewing on Tinfoil, formed in 2003 are a ska-punk band from Dublin, Ireland.

Still relatively unknown, the band have been playing anywhere they will be accepted for the last seven years, describing their plan for the band as being – ‘trying to get as much stuff done as we possibly can until one of us has a kid or dies or whatever, which would mean that we’d have to stop.’ Very DIY.

Personally, I love them. They have fantastic lyrics and are completely unique. They posted their first full-length album online to try and raise their profile, which can be found either via their myspace page, (http://www.myspace.com/tinfoilabusemyspace) or from the Quote Unquote Records website.

Listen to Forty ‘Shades of Grey’  for a brief idea of what Chewing On Tinfoil are capable of, or the acoustic clip of ‘Shaving’ below:

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