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Light The Horizon Finally Available!

For all of you Bedouin Soundclash fans in the UK who have been wondering when on earth they are going to release Light The Horizon, in a format that doesn’t mean buying the imported CD for £40 on Amazon, you’ll be pleased to hear that you will be able to download the album from iTunes from 23rd May. If you pre-order now, the album is only £6.99.

From what I have heard already, with classic tracks like ‘Mountain Top’ and ‘Fool’s Tattoo,’ the album will be worth the very long wait. Enjoy!


The band also have an upcoming UK tour. Check out the link for more details: http://www.bedouinsoundclash.com/events

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Spotify – For Those Of You Who Haven’t Already Heard Of It…

Spotify is a fairly new, completely legal and free music streaming service – sounds great, doesn’t it?

Developed at the end of 2009, Spotify is a downloadable program, which features a huge database of artists for you to listen to. There are two different options – Free or Premium. When it first began,  Spotify  Free gave you unlimited music access, in return for advertisements after roughly every six songs. Spotify Premium gives you uninterrupted listening, the ability access your Library without internet connection, and the power to get your Spotify library on certain phones, usually those using Android Systems, for £9.99 a month. After a few months, Spotify realised that far more people than expected were using Spotify Free, and simply putting up with the adverts, rather than upgrading to Premium – so for new users from then onwards, they made Spotify only available for free through invitation by a Premium member.

After realising just how unpopular that decision was – they have changed the deal for Spotify Free users again so that they can now use Spotify, without invitation, for 20 hours a month. This deal is called Spotify Open. Obviously, this isn’t as good as the offer that people like me got in Spotify’s early days, however, considering it’s all free, I’d say that’s still a very good deal!

Another good feature is the ability to add your Facebook friends, so that you can see see their Spotify profiles. This allows you to see their Top Tracks and Top Artists and send them songs that you think they will like.

Find out more about Spotify, or download it for free at Spotify.com

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