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Sonic Boom Six – Rude Awakening

Sonic Boom Six, the ska/punk band from Manchester, UK have recently released Rude Awakening, a compilation of the band’s greatest hits to celebrate ‘their story so far.’

The album is ideal for those who have never heard of the band before, as the tracklisting contains a good mix of almost every genre which they have tried to incorporate into their overall sound, such as reggae, dub, ska, rap, rock and punk.

If you have never really had a proper listen to SB6, I highly recommend Rude Awakening as the best album to listen, so go ahead! You may be pleasantly surprised!

The band are fronted by Laila Khan, who’s incredibly high pitched voice adds something very unique to SB6 and really makes them stand out from the other ska-punk bands out there.

The album also features one of the live favourites – a cover of Puretone’s ‘Addicted To Bass.’ They have tried to incorporate the energy and crazy bassline that had sent the crowd wild both times I have been to see them! This is definitely a unique gem of the album that is really worth listening to.

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Sonic Boom Six @ The Borderline – 16th July, 2010

The Borderline Club in Charing Cross Road was much smaller than I had expected. We arrived to find that there was barely a queue, and once inside it was virtually deserted.

The first support act was Gecko , and I’m pleased to say that they’ve gained another fan! They had a great upbeat mix of Reggae, Ska, Rap and Punk, combined with interesting lyrics which included a song about libraries, Guanabana Juice, and  the rhyming of ‘Suit of Armour’ with ‘Llama!’ The band put their all into the performance despite the very small audience. Check out their myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/gecko.

Next on the list of support acts was Mike TV. They could be seen as the English version of Blink 182, with pop-punk sung in cheesy American accents, and this was fun for a little while, however, after realising that every song sounded the same, I found them really annoying!

The final support act was Moral Dilemma, a hardcore punk band. They clearly had a strong political view on the world, and on London in particular, but I found that the relentless screaming just became a little tedious after a while!

They were definitely a very diverse and interesting range of support acts,and I’m sure that every member of the audience must have had at least one act to satisfy their tastes.

So, it was finally time for SB6 to take to the stage. This was the first show on the new interestingly named ‘Too Orangey for Crows’ Tour. I had seen them previously at Slam Dunk Festival, however at the time I barely knew any of the songs, so I was hoping for a more enjoyable experience. After requests on the last tour for more brass, they had reintroduced the saxophone and a trombone, which added an interesting twist to many of their songs. They played a great set list which included songs such as Piggy In The Middle, Northern Skies, Sound of a Revolution, Bigger than Punk Rock and The Rape of Punk to Come. They also covered Addicted To Bass, which was really great! I had heard this previously at Slam Dunk, and it always seems to go down well with the crowd.

I have to say, despite twisting my ankle that day, and having to hobble around for the evening, the gig was great. It was plain to see that the bands all put so much effort into every song, and it looks as if the tour will be a great success. I would recommend booking tickets if you are interested in a unique mix of Punk, Ska, Rap and Reggae with real meaning to the lyrics, as they have just released the details of tour dates all over Britain.

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