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Us4//U2 – U2 Tribute Band

Earlier this year, I went down to The Rhodes Arts Centre, our local venue for small bands in Bishop’s Stortford. We had won tickets in the Observer to go and see Us4//U2, a U2 Tribute band. I went with my Dad, who had seen U2 live at Wembley a few years ago, and we were interested to see whether they would be ‘even better than the real thing!’

The band came onstage and we were shocked by just how much effort had gone into not just sounding like U2, but looking and acting like them. Edge, obviously with his hat on, was doing his signature foot-tapping, and his guitar playing was note perfect. Bono himself was energetic, running around stage, and shouting to us in his mock irish accent. He looked, and sounded, just like the real thing!

The band rolled through a series of hits, including Vertigo, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride, Beautiful Day, With or Without You, and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, as well as the one, and only hit, Get On Your Boots, from the less-than-impressive new album, ‘No Line On the Horizon.’

We left with smiles on our faces, as Us4//U2 were a great find! In my opinion, tribute bands are underrated. These bands dedicate their careers to sounding just like their heroes, so if you cannot afford to see your favourite band live, just have a look for a local tribute band. The crowds may not be as big, and neither will the atmosphere, but look at it this way – at least you’ll get a better view!

Check out Us4//U2 here:   http://www.us4.org.uk/home.html

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