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Music With A Message..

Any of you who know Rise Against will know that they are not a band who have ever been willing to compromise their message in exchange for commercial success. Reaching huge heights with their latest release, Endgame, and becoming arguably one of the biggest punk rock bands in the world at the moment, they have the opportunity to reach out to millions, and as proven with their video for ‘Ready To Fall,’ Tim Mcilrath and co. are able to put across just as strong a message onscreen as with their razor sharp lyrics.

So it is fantastic to hear that they have been nominated for the VMA Award at this year’s MTV Music Awards. The award is given to the band with the best video with a message. Rise Against’s offering – the new video for single ‘Make It Stop (September’s Children). This fantastic video sees Rise Against teaming up with ‘It Gets Better’ – an organization set up to convince victims of bullying and abuse for their sexuality that it does get better. Mcilrath stated that the song was written after a fan wrote a nervous letter to the band asking whether they had any problem with his sexuality. Tim was shocked to think that a member of the punk community would ever think that they wouldn’t be accepted for what they are. This only served to highlight the macho culture that surrounds rock and music as a whole, and the song was written to draw attention to an issue that has caused a lot of concern in the US in particular.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below, and feel free to vote for them at: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2011/best-video-with-a-message/

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Rise Against- Another Station: Another Mile

Having just missed out on the one off London release show for Endgame in Camden the other month, of which its fantasticness my friends lovingly remind me of regularly (age limit was 16+, 10 days before my 16th birthday!), I opted for the next best thing, which was watching their fantastic live DVD, Another Station, Another Mile.
The DVD follows the band’s progress since their last DVD, Generation Lost, which was released in 2006, after the release of one of their best albums to date, Appeal To Reason.
The band made a conscious decision to keep all of the footage unedited, in order to give a real flavour of the live experience, and I think it has paid off. The film really gives a sense of what the band does best – live, raw and meaningful performances, where every word they sing means everything to not only them, but the devoted fans singing along in the crowd.

What I love about this film is that it shows so much more to what the band are about, than just the songs themselves. The crew follow the band across the globe, making different stop-off along the way, including a visit to an animal shelter, a baseball stadium, where Tim makes the first pitch, and a tube station where Tim starts busking on the train! Not only this, but they talk about the lyrics and their inspirations, as well as a whole section on their rehearsals when writing their latest album, Endgame. It is really interesting to see how, after the album was released, the songs had been put together – seeing them in their opening stages at their dingy old theatre of a rehearsal space, and then in their finished glory. It’s great to see the whole process that goes into making an album, whether its Tim’s unique way of making lyrics up on the spot, or the way the whole band jam together to come up with the backbone of their songs.
This is a must-buy DVD for any RA fan, as it gives an insight not only into the band’s live performances, but into the world behind Rise Against – Their beliefs, life on the road, and their often nerdy habits!

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